Application Deadline : 22 September 2024

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International Foundation Year,

Now enrolling for the September 2024 semester.

Programme Length

1 year



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Your dream job just got a lot more real

Embark on a transformative journey with our one-year International Foundation Year programme. Focused on enhancing English language proficiency and cultivating professional and study skills, this comprehensive course equips students to excel in academic and professional settings. The curriculum introduces key principles in business management and computer science, providing a solid groundwork for future academic pursuits. Graduates emerge with enhanced adaptability, well-prepared for higher education, professional careers, and personal growth. Learning is facilitated through a variety of methods, including lectures, seminars, labs, workshops, and online activities, supplemented by guided reading and self-directed study. Formative assessments prepare students for summative assessments, ensuring progress towards course objectives.

Enroll now for the September 2023 semester and apply before 11th September. Coventry University, a leading institution in the UK, provides high-quality education and a focus on applied research. With state-of-the-art facilities and a track record of delivering exceptional overseas student experiences, Coventry University is the ideal place to kickstart your academic journey. Apply through our online pre-registration form and let us guide you towards a successful future with our International Foundation Year programme.

Now enrolling for the September 2023 semester

Start 2023 strong. Apply before 22 September.

Major topics

Unlock cutting-edge management strategies and apply them to real-world scenarios through
our dynamic core modules.

Study & Communication Skills

Introduction to Business

Business Communication

Public Speaking

Introduction to Business

Application requirements

Ready to embark on your Digital Marketing journey? Make sure to have these application materials on hand:

  • Moroccan Baccalaureate degree, high school diploma, UK A2 levels, international Baccalaureate or equivalent.

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